'Huge Problem' of Transporting Wild Hogs in Louisiana Could Soon Cost Big Bucks Under Proposed Legislation

By Elizabeth Crisp, The Advocate

State lawmakers are trying to root out a growing problem in Louisiana: A booming wild hog population. A state House committee on Thursday approved legislation that would make it illegal to transport feral swine. Those found guilty of the infraction would face fines of up to $900 or up to six months in prison, if the measure makes it into law.


Family Fuels Louisiana's Sugar Tradition

Michael Harper’s family has been farming in Cheneyville, a town of about 600, since right after the Civil War. He’s a sixth-generation grower at the northern tip of Louisiana’s sugar country, farming today with his father, uncle and cousin-in-law. In the 153 years since his first relative planted a crop in the muddy soil about 2 hours northwest of Baton Rouge, a lot has changed.


First Woman Inducted Into the Louisiana Agriculture Hall of Distinction Last Night

Ninety-six-year-old Margie Jenkins is the first woman inducted into the Louisiana Agriculture Hall of Distinction. Governor John Bel Edwards says the Jenkins Farm and Nursery in Amite has been a staple in Tangipahoa Parish since 1960. "And she is a real fixture in that industry and I'm so glad they are recognizing her," said Edwards.