ADM, Agrible and General Mills and Louisiana Cotton Farmer Jay Hardwick Take Top Honors at Field to Market’s 2018 Sustainability Leadership Awards

DENVER - Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture last night announced the 2018 recipients of its prestigious Sustainability Leadership Awards. The Alliance honored Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), Agrible and General Mills, Inc. with the 2018 Collaboration of the Year Award and presented the 2018 Farmer of the Year Award to Louisiana cotton farmer Jay Hardwick.


SW Louisiana Farmers Discuss How Colder Temperatures Earlier in the Year Affect Them

By Chandler Watkins, KPLC-TV 7, Lake Charles

JEFF DAVIS PARISH - Could colder temperatures earlier in the year affect Southwest Louisiana farmers? “We live and die by weather. Seriously and literally," says Kevin Berken, a rice farmer. "So whether we make it or not we have to take what the good Lord gives us and that’s it.”


Louisiana Field Reports: Heavy Rains Bring Unsatisfying End to Harvest

“Continued rainfall made it difficult to harvest the sugarcane crop that was ready. Wet conditions wreaked havoc on fields, which will have to be fixed once they dry. Pecan producers are still waiting for some drier weather so they can get into the orchards to pick whatever pecans did not get washed away with the rain.”


Jack Dillard: When Will the First Freeze Be?

By Jack Dillard, The Times, Shreveport

Always popular, as far as “contests go,” is the guessing of when the first day in the fall that our area will have a “killing frost or first freeze.” Last Wednesday, in an advanced weather prediction, 32 degrees is being predicted for Wednesday the 14th. Now all we have to do is wait until Wednesday and see.


Czech Agricultural Delegation Visits LSU AgCenter

By Tobie Blanchard & Sarah Elizabeth Bernard, LSU AgCenter

BATON ROUGE — The LSU AgCenter hosted an agricultural delegation from the Czech Republic earlier this month to see how the LSU AgCenter brings value to the state of Louisiana. Visitors included two representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, two scientists from the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information and one professor from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.