Farm to School Program Puts Local Produce in Avoyelles Parish Cafeterias

By Raymond L. Daye,

When it comes to food, there’s grocery store “fresh” and then there’s from-the-farm fresh. The Avoyelles Parish School District is trying to cut the distance from the field to the lunch plate in its schools by using locally grown produce, Food Service Supervisor Jenny Welch said.


Louisiana Cotton & Sugarcane Forecast Up from Last Year

USDA released its latest crop production report Tuesday for Louisiana cotton and sugarcane production. Cotton production is expected to increase by 152,000 bales and sugar production is expected to increase 11 percent to 13.8 million net tons.


More on Richard's 'Rice Farmer of the Year' Award

Louisiana rice farmer Christian Richard of Kaplan was named Rice Farming magazine's Rice Farmer of the Year on Monday at the USA Rice Outlook Conference in San Antonio.  Rice Farming Magazine published a great profile of Richard and his Louisiana farm.


Winter Weather Causing Sugarcane Woes in South Louisiana

ST. JAMES PARISH - It's harvest time in area sugar cane fields, but farmers hit a hurdle this past Friday in the form of snow. Huge combines are pulling up the crops and haulers are shipping them to market. But the cane's bent over after being hit with several inches of snow.