U.S.-China Trade War Truce has Potential Benefits for Louisiana, but Toughest Issues Unresolved

WASHINGTON — Facing the risk of a mutually harmful trade war, the world's two biggest economies have put their differences on hold. And while Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin predicted big increases in agriculture and energy related sales to the Chinese market — moves that could benefit Louisiana farmers and businesses — trade experts said it's too soon to know what will happen.


Louisiana Rice Farmers Having Their Best Growing Season in Years

By Josh Meny, KATC-TV 3, Lafayette

"It's probably the best rice I have seen in many years. And, the low 90's and upward 80's during the day with low cloud cover and the cooler temperatures in the low seventies and uppers seventies is just perfect for growing rice. In fact, some of the best we've had in the last three years," explained Dr. Harrell.