Promoting Rice Worldwide Proves Very Valuable for Louisiana Producers

by Don Molino

According to the chairman of the Louisiana Rice Promotion Board, John Owen from Richland Parish, rice promotion programs—both domestically and internationally—have proven to be extremely valuable.

“Louisiana rice growers have been well served by their investments in the Louisiana rice promotion check-off program,” said Owen. “Growers know that check-off investments are crucial for maintaining a viable and profitable industry into the future.  Without the promotion check-off program the accomplishments of the program and many more would not have been realized.”

“In the absence of future check-off funding, markets could close to us and new ones will not be cultivated,” pointed out Owen. “These truths are validated by the approximately 95% of rice farmers who do not ask for refunds.  Today’s rice farmers, as with generations past, are keen business people who know that marketing your crop is as important as growing it.”