The Feral Hog Management Task Force Meets to Discuss Wild Hog Control

by the Louisiana Radio Network

The Feral Hog Management Task Force meets today to discuss ways to control the wild hog population in Louisiana. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Veterinarian Dr. Jim LaCour says it’s a big problem in the state.

“They cause $76 million dollars a year in agricultural damage within the state of Louisiana and people are tired of them tearing up their properties.”

The taskforce was created during the 2016 regular legislative session and is comprised of 11 members from different departments. LaCour says current methods to control feral hogs are just not working. He says the goal of the taskforce is to discuss best methods of control.

“Studies going on into toxicants, into other shooting methods and trapping methods, areal gunning, that sort of thing.”

The LSU Ag Center estimates there are over half a million, or as many as 700,000 feral hogs in the state. LaCour says the legislature has dedicated $360,000 towards the problem.

“The goal is here to unify folks, get ideas on the table. It is mandated in the legislative verbiage that hunter based solutions be considered for control.”

Red River parish farmer Blake McCartney sits on the task force and said they had a productive meeting.

"I think we had a really good dialogue between a lot of different groups in the state," he said.  "We just need to get coordinated and make a better group effort to make some headway on this hog problem we have throughout the state.

McCartney teamed up with his brother, Brandon, and several neighbors to kill 385 wild hogs on his farm in 2016.