Horizon Ag: Provisia® and New CLL15 Results Promising as Harvest Moves North

South Louisiana and Texas

The rice crop harvest is just about wrapped up in south Louisiana and Texas and everyone is glad to get this year behind them. Very little harvesting is still ongoing, and the yields haven’t gotten any better as we near the end. We have seen a lot of smut in Louisiana and Texas this year, with the situation in Texas being worse. Some of the lots of rice in Texas have 8% to 10% smut. This is another development in 2019 that is unexplainable. All I can say is the weather most likely had a big influence on smut.

The ratoon crop doesn’t look like it normally does at this time of year. I have seen some fields of CL111 and CLJ01 that look really good, but we normally have more fields that look that way. Some of the hybrid fields did not come back very well, and two different farmers have told me they were giving up on some of their hybrid ratoon crop because there was nothing there. The ratoon crop west of Houston is looking better than it does in south Louisiana. Farmers in Louisiana and Texas need a good ratoon crop to make up for the lower-than-normal first crop yields.

Things have really dried up in the south, and a lot of field work is being done right now. This is a good sign, as last year we did not have a dry spell like this where we could get much field work done. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please give me a call.

Michael Fruge
District Field Representative
(832) 260-6193

Mississippi and North Louisiana

Rice harvest is moving fast in Mississippi. The weather for harvest has been consistently good for the last three weeks. I’d estimate we are somewhere around 70% completed with harvest in Mississippi, but that percentage varies depending on location. The latest-planted rice is starting to be drained in Mississippi and North Louisiana.

Yields have seemed to have stabilized some the further we’ve gotten into harvest. The few weights and millings I’ve heard about so far have been good. We harvested one demo field of CLL15 in Bolivar County, Mississippi, and it performed really good. Hopefully this later rice escaped any negative environmental effects and we can finish harvest with strong yields.

Tim Jett
District Field Representative
(901) 687-6362