Louisiana Agriculture Economy In The Dark About Chinese Tariffs

The Chinese have now slapped some heavy new tariffs on US agricultural products in retaliation for this country doing the same to Chinese goods.

Don Pierson, Louisiana Economic Development Secretary, says he doesn't know where this will all end up eventually.

"Certainly from a Louisiana perspective--one  of our really big pressure points--is in agriculture.  We're a major economic empire state in terms of agriculture.  So with more than $8.3 billion in agriculture production, a lot of that in soybeans, our farming and agriculture economy is going to be hit hard," said Pierson.

But there are also other considerations.

"Certainly we're a logistics state so our ports are at risk if there are big changes in import activity and export activity.  But the reality is this is still playing out.  There's a long way to go.  We'd like to see it wrapped up sooner than later but uncertainty is working against us," Pierson pointed out.

"This is another one that we'll just have to manage our way through. (But) we're well positioned to weather this."