Seed Cotton Workshop--LFBF Cotton Advisory Committee Meeting

The passage of the Seed Cotton Program means Louisiana farmers with generic base acres will have several decisions they must make regarding cotton yield updates, reallocation of generic base acres and Farm Program selection in the weeks ahead. The LSU Ag Center and Mississippi State University have been studying the Seed Cotton Program and have developed some decision making tools that will be helpful once everyone has a good understanding of the Seed Cotton Program. Therefore, to help farmers in their understanding of the Seed Cotton Program, the LSU Ag Center – Dept. of Agricultural Economics have coupled with Mississippi State University and USDA-FSA to put on a Seed Cotton Program Workshop for Louisiana. The Workshop will cover specific information on the options available to farmers with generic base acres and farm examples to help with the decisions that will have to be made by farmers. Following the Workshop, the LFBF Cotton Advisory Committee will conduct a brief committee meeting.
The upcoming Seed Cotton Program Workshop and LFBF Cotton Advisory Committee meeting will be held as follows:
Thursday, July 26, 2018
Seed Cotton Program Workshop
4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
LSU Ag Center – Scott Center
LSU Macon Ridge Research Station
212 Macon Ridge Road
Winnsboro, LA
Dinner will be provided for all in attendance by LFBF
A tentative agenda of the Workshop is as follows: 1. USDA FSA Seed Cotton Program Sign-up Process and General Program Information, 2. Overview of the Seed Cotton PLC Program, 3. Updating Payment Yields, Converting/Reallocating Generic Base Acres, 4. Projecting a Seed Cotton Farm Program Payment in 2018. Other Issues will be discussed at the meeting. Members who drive will be reimbursed at 54.5 cents/mile. Please contact Brian Breaux at or at 225-603-0924 if you have questions. Please make plans to attend and encourage other farmers who have generic base acres to attend this very informative workshop/meeting