AgFax Rice - Louisiana

By, AgFax Media LLC


A small amount of heading may have started in southwest Louisiana in early planted fields.

More rice is going to flood in the Midsouth, with a little rice already at permanent flood in Missouri.

Sporadic rains continue delaying progress in parts of the Midsouth, especially in the upper Delta.


Ashley Peters, Peters Crop Consulting, Crowville, Louisiana:

"Between last week and this week, a lot of rice has been going to permanent flood. Later this week or early next week we'll be looking at some topdress applications. Rice is moving along pretty rapidly. These hot and sunny days have really fueled growth.

"We're not catching rain, so we're keeping water moving to it. Any rain lately has been scattered and highly variable – 5 inches in one place and 5 tenths of an inch just down the road."

Dustin Harrell, Louisiana Rice Extension Specialist, LSU Rice Research Station, Crowley:

"Rice in southwest Louisiana looks beautiful. We've moved past midseason on a wide basis and are just a couple of weeks away from heading. I've heard a few reports of earlier rice already starting to head.

"So, it's time to scout for diseases in this part of the state. No reports of any issues yet. These conditions – low humidity, high heat and dry weather – are the perfect scenario for low disease pressure. Still, though, you need to scout. We posted a quick overview on managing blast, sheath blight and other common diseases. Review that as a starting point this year as we move into the main disease phase.

"Also, a reminder: our annual rice research center field day is coming up on June 27 in Rayne."