Abraham Calls for More Food Security

By Don Molino, The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Radio Network

BATON ROUGE - Addressing the Baton Rouge Press Club Monday, northeast Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham said some of the classified briefings he's received "over and over acknowledge how vulnerable our food supply is to today's outside world.  Whether it's biological, a virus, you name it, we are susceptible to some type of food safety attack."


Abraham went on to point out Louisiana farmers know what to do to grow a crop and how to protect their crops. "And we cannot give them enough credit  for what they do on a daily basis."

As for the new farm bill, the 5th district congressman said the crops that are doing OK under the 2014 farm bill will stay pretty much like they are. "Cotton will be brought back into the 2018 farm  bill after being left  out of the  2014 farm bill allowing  that crop to have more parity.":

"One good crop year is not nearly enough because one bad year will negate 3 to 4 good years. It's just that  hard to make a living  being a farmer today," said Abraham.