Soybean Yields Hurt By Excessive Rainfall

LSU Extension Service/AgCenter Soybean Specialist Dr. Todd Spivey reports USDA is now guesstimating the 2018 crop will average 50 bushels per acre.


However, says Spivey, “That number does not include any unharvested acres. That only includes harvested acres so really that average stayed were it did because of the beans that were harvested in the northern part of the state.”

Spivey went on to point out if a producers soybean crop was harvested throughout the month of September in the north it wasn’t uncommon for some producers to be making their personal best crop.

“Some folks even averaged their entire farm above 90 bushels to the acre. That in itself is going to bring us a lot of lower numbers especially as you go further south. And even in the south, when we’re not including the unharvested acres, the numbers that were coming out to begin with were great,” said Spivey.

In southwest Louisiana, around the Beauregard and Calcasieu Parish areas, growers were averaging up to 50 bushels an acre “and that’s really good for those guys down there.”