Louisiana Soybean Harvest Ends on a Wet Note

Overall, this has not turned out to be a great year for Louisiana soybean producers.


LSU AgCenter/Extension Service Soybean Specialist Dr. Todd Spivey reports we got a lot of rain, especially in south Louisiana.

“Crowley, for instance, from September 15th to October lst, a 12 day period, they had one day without rainfall,” said Spivey. “So that really hurt our growers and it kept growers from harvesting what was ready. And even some things that were harvested became unmarketable.”

There were also a lot of high damaged beans.

“And because of the market situation on top of that, elevators weren’t accepting beans that in a normal year would be accepted,” Spivey continued. “So elevators were limiting damage that they would accept soybeans from 5% to 7% and this was only if you had a contract. If you didn’t have a contract you were looking at only getting about 3%.”