Louisiana Cotton Crop Experiences Late Season Problems

Cotton Boll.jpg

This year’s cotton yields across Louisiana should average about 1000 pounds per acre, or about an average crop. So says LSU AgCenter Cotton Specialist Dr. Dan Fromme.

Some of the things that contributed to disappointed yields  this year, says Fromme, included early season heavy rainfall which impacted a lot of the crop that sat in water for a while.

“Then as we began to get into the bloom stage, plant bug pressure was a battle as it always is, seems like every year,” said Fromme. “We had a good two weeks of heavy bollworm pressure.  And within the last few weeks rainfall was (again) our enemy.  Heavy amounts of rainfall which contributed to end of the season issues like target spot disease.”

And after all that rainfall some boll rot started to show up in some fields.

“We’re hoping for not much more rain as we try to get this 2017 crop out of the field,” says Fromme.