Louisiana Soybean Crop Looks Really Good (with audio)

By Don Molino, The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Radio Network

The new Louisiana soybean specialist at the LSU AgCenter, Dr. Todd Spivey at the Dean Lee Research Station just south of Alexandria, reports this year's crop appears to be doing quite well at this time.

"From north to south across the state the majority of the beans are ranging anywhere from the R4 to the R6 stage," says Spivey. "Really the full pod to that full seed stage is where we're at right now, although there are some maturity group  5 beans that are a little further behind.  But overall, everything is looking good."

Spivey reports growers in some of the southern parishes are even starting to put out harvest aids, looking to harvest as early as the first full week in August.

"But so far the crop is looking really good.  The majority of growers are probably three to six weeks out from harvest. But otherwise, everything is looking good," said Spivey.