Louisiana Summer Cookouts Cost Less Than U.S. Average

By the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation

BATON ROUGE—Louisiana consumers not only see savings at the pump just by living here, but now are see savings at the grill.

Every quarter, the American Farm Bureau Federation conducts its Marketbasket survey and a similar study is done for Louisiana. The survey found the cost for an outdoor get-together with 10 people is, on average, $5.03 per person in Louisiana, $.54 less than the national average.

This quarter, the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation asked shoppers to report prices for 14 cookout items. The average total in Louisiana for these items was $50.33, versus the national average of $55.70.

The results of this survey came out just days before Louisiana farmers and ranchers will gather in New Orleans, La. for the LFBF 95th Annual Meeting. LFBF President Ronnie Anderson said the survey exemplifies the affordability and bounty Louisiana farmers and ranchers provide every day.  

“Louisiana is already blessed to have some of the best land for growing crops, trees and raising livestock, as well as fertile waters for aquaculture,” said Ronnie Anderson, LFBF President. “Where we are blessed even more is with the hard working men and women who tirelessly make sure we have the safest, best food for our families for the lowest possible cost.”

The Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation takes prices collected across the state and creates an average cost for people living in Louisiana. The average cost for each surveyed items is as follows:

The Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation is the state’s largest general farm organization representing farmers, ranchers and rural residents. It is a private, non-profit, non-governmental agency established in 1922 to bring a voice to agricultural issues.