2017 Soybean Crop Still Looks Good Across Louisiana

By Don Molino, The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Radio Network

Dr. Boyd Padgett, the temporary state soybean specialist for the LSU AgCenter, says he checked with weed scientist Dr. Daniel Stephenson, entomologist Dr. Jeff Davis and pathologist Dr. Trey Price to see who things are looking from a disease and insect management standpoint with this year’s crop.

“We’re having problems with red banded stinkbugs,” said Padgett. “The numbers are strong and Dr. Davis is advising growers to scout early and often.”

Padgett reports the state now has a 24-C permit for Indigo to reduce the plant bug intervals to sugarcane to 30 days.

“We’re also seeing some caterpillars, potato leaf hoppers as well,” Padgett reports, “and last week’s rains may affect both herbicide and insecticide applications.”

Dr. Stephenson points out glyphosate resistant palmer amaranth is continuing  to spread, but fortunately, farmers who started clean used a pre-emergent residual herbicide  followed by early post emergency non-selective plus another residual and those treated beans look good.

“A few diseases are showing up like Ariel Blight and a bit of frog eye leaf spot, but pretty mild on that front,” according to Padgett