Even In Retirement, Levy's Soybean Research Continues

By Don Molino, The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Radio Network

After more than thirty years of service to the Louisiana agriculture industry, Dr. Ronnie Levy has now retired.  Levy served almost ten years as the state soybean specialist.  

One of the researchers taking on some of Levy's duties temporarily--Dr. Boyd Padgett at the Dean Lee Research Station--reports Levy's wide ranging research is still on-going.

"There won't be a stop in the research programs that are going on at the various research stations throughout the state," said Padgett.  "When we have a new soybean specialist, he or she will be educated on what's going on. And even before the new specialist is in place, this research is going on right now."

Levy had started some planting date studies that will continue uninterrupted since some of them have already been planted, according to Padgett.

"He also had some plant population studies going on now as well and he's doing some collaborative work with irrigation with some of our other LSU AgCenter scientists," Padgett said.

"As far as I know," Padgett continued," all these tests that need to be planted at this time are in the ground or they may even be up."