AgFax Cotton - Louisiana

By AgFax Media LLC,


Cotton planting picked up on a wider basis after rain in cold weather shut down most activity.

Rain is in the forecast for late this week, so many growers are pushing to plant as many acres as possible ahead of this next season.

After a relatively warm winter, certain insects are becoming more apparent than might be expected. We're hearing similar comments in the Southeast this week, too.


Dan Fromme, Louisiana Extension Cotton And Corn Specialist

"We're 70% to 80% finished with cotton planting, I think. We got off to a fast start and will be wrapping it up quickly. Some seed actually went in the ground in the last few days of March, then a bit more was planted in early April.

"After that, the weather turned wet. Totals from multiple rains ran 15 inches in places, with up to 18 inches in parts of central Louisiana. Between seedling disease and thrips damage, that part of the crop doesn't look good, and some replanting has been necessary."