Research, Weather, Insect/Disease Controls Help Soybean Crop

By Don Molino, The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Radio Network

The Louisiana Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board provides funding for research into state grain crops.

LSU AgCenter soybean specialist Dr. Ronnie Levy says that research lead one year to Louisiana having the highest state average yield at 57 bushels per acre.

Levy says that was “just outstanding for Louisiana because not many years ago we were in the 20 to mid-20 yield per acre.  So we doubled out yields in the last 20 or so years.”

Producers were able to plant early that year based on research funded by the promotion board.

“Mother Nature has always cooperated when we had good yields in Louisiana,” says Levy. “We had good rains and cool nights and not that hot of a summer.”

Levy points out farmers have a lot better varieties today as well as better insect and disease control measures.

“Producers are taking more interest in the managements of their crop due to the value of that crop and the cost of putting in a crop,” said Levy.

(This report is a service of the Louisiana Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board)