Strain Back In Louisiana

By Don Molino, The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Radio Network

Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Mike Strain is back in Baton Rouge after a whirlwind trip back to Washington, DC, earlier this week.

During his report on the Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Radio Network, Strain said he spent his time in Washington working on the new farm bill and various other items in his role as President of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture.

Strain said he discussed with national leaders how vital agriculture is to both the food and national security of this country as well as touching on health care reform and the importance of farm exports on the US economy.

The commissioner also quoted President Donald Trump as saying “Agriculture is the largest positive contributor to our nation’s trade balance.”

This year, according to Strain, agriculture exports should hit $20 billion but have been as high as between $35 and 40 billion in net positive trade balance figures.  While at the same time American agriculture exports generate some 10% of ALL US exports and millions of American jobs.