Louisiana Corn Planting One-Third Done

Thirty-five percent of Louisiana's corn crop is now in the ground, and rice planting stands at 21 percent complete, according to the latest Crop Progress and Condition report from the National Ag Statistics Service.

Comments from Cooperative Extension Service Parish Agents:

“Sweet potato bedding has started, with some producers already completed bedding. Corn planting began last week with ideal weather conditions forecasted for this week. A lot of corn will go in the ground this week as well. Greenhouse plants are looking good and some early transplant will go out this week.” – Bruce Garner, West Carroll Parish

“Fields are beginning to dry, and growers are slowly able to get back to planting corn. Most were able to put some fertilizer down where corn was planted and fields were not too saturated from the rains in previous weeks.” – Mark Carriere, Pointe Coupee Parish

“Rice is being planted at a rapid pace, both water and drill seeded. Winter pastures continue to provide excellent grazing, warm season grasses are being to grow with warm conditions.” – Todd Fontenot, Evangeline Parish

“Rice planting made excellent progress. Stand establishment has been good as well. A rain wouldn't hurt for soil moisture and herbicide activity. Sugarcane is well ahead with the warm weather we've experienced, many farmers are fertilizing. Pastures have greened up and winter feeding and haying has ceased in most cases. Spring calving continues.” – Andrew Granger, Vermilion Parish

“Sugarcane farmers are all but finished spraying for weeds. Cultivation has started as they are starting to put out fertilizer. Cattle producers are wrapping up calving season and utilizing rye grass pastures. Crawfish prices continue to be low, but the catch is good though it did slow down with the cool weather. Home gardens are being planted and despite a little set back with the cool weather are off to a good start.” – Blair Hebert, Iberia Parish

“Mild temperatures combined with good soil moisture continues to benefit good growing and production conditions.” – Rene’ Schmit, Saint John Parish

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