Louisiana Cotton Acreage Expected to be Somewhat Smaller in 2017

cotton survey.jpg

According to the just released Cotton Grower Acreage Survey, Louisiana cotton farmers this growing season plan on putting 142,500 acres of cotton in the ground, some 2,500 acres less than last year.

Across the mid-south, planted acreage is expected to reach 1,864,300 acres in 2017, compared with 1,505,000 in 2016. 

Beltwide, expected planted cotton acreage this growing season is now guesstimated at 10,887,075 acres.  Last growing season that figure was 10,145,000 acres.

Texas is once again the largest cotton growing state with expected acreage in 2017 to reach 5,932,500 acres which compares with 2016 planted acreage of 5,700,000 acres.