Kudzu Bugs Relatively Easy to Control in Bean Fields


By Don Molino

Red banded stink bugs and kudzu bugs are both major enemies of soybeans.

LSU AgCenter entomologist Dr. Jeff Davis says while red banded stinkbugs are becoming more difficult to control, kudzu bugs are much easier to kill off.

“If they do get into your field,” says Davis, “we can control them very easily. Pytheroids as well other things you use to control the three pointed alfalfa hopper, bean leaf beetle, southern green and green stinkbug, velvet bean caterpillar, those insecticides are going to be very useful in controlling the kudzu bug.

However, Davis also points out when populations get really high, that’s when it’s going to affect growers because when soybean prices are lower “we don’t need to put out any more insecticide than we have to.”

Davis says he’s gotten reports from Georgia which shows growers have been forced to put out three to four insecticide applications to control kudzu bugs when populations have gotten out of hand.

(This report a service of the Louisiana Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board)