Louisiana Parish Agents: Rain Both Helped and Hurt

Screenshot 2017-10-23 15.30.09.png

Most of Louisiana received a much-needed rain over the weekend, but the strong storms caused flooding and wind damage in many areas, according to LSU AgCenter Parish Agents in this week's Louisiana Crop Progress and Condition Report.

Comments from Cooperative Extension Service Parish Agents:

“Rain over the weekend was beneficial in many areas. Sugarcane harvest proceeded, soybeans were all harvested, and a little second crop rice will soon be harvested. Temperatures cooled and crawfish ponds went under flood. Winter seeded livestock and cattle pastures should do well following the rain event. Fall calving season is upon us, some cattle producers were feeding a little hay and supplement to maintain their cows.” – Vincent Deshotel, Saint Landry Parish

“Heavy rainfall and flooding in the parish have slowed or even stopped fieldwork in some areas of the parish. High winds have knocked down some sugarcane fields across the parish. Some pastures in the parish are flooded causing cattle to be moved to higher ground.” – Mark Carriere, Pointe Coupee Parish

“Continued dry conditions allowed for fall field prep for cane and rice farmers. Cattle ranchers continued to wean and market calves. Some were looking to make a late final hay cutting. Ryegrass planting is near complete. Ratoon crop rice harvest is underway with good yields reported.” – Andrew Granger, Vermilion Parish

“Cane harvest continued to benefit from relatively dry harvest conditions. Soybean harvest is wrapping up. Second crop rice harvest will begin this week. Hay cutting and baling is nearly complete. Cattle producers planted fall forage crops. Vegetable growers planted cole crops and harvested early planted vegetables.” – Stuart Gauthier, Saint Martin Parish

“2-4 inches of rain across the area over the weekend was welcomed by cattlemen getting ryegrass established for winter grazing. Sugarcane harvest progress continued with sugar yields remaining strong, good harvest conditions over past month will be hindered somewhat this week with downed cane and mud from last weekend's rains.” – Stanley J Dutile, Lafayette Parish