Louisiana Soybean Harvest Yields Hold Up but Quality Falls Off

By Don Molino, The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Radio Network

Soybean & Grain Report.png

The 2017 Louisiana soybean harvest is now wrapping up.  There has been some damage reported at elevators due to red-banded stink bugs as well as pod and stem blight.

However, on the other side of the coin, LSU AgCenter Extension Service Soybean Specialist Dr. Todd Spivey reports yields are really looking good depending on which area of the state the fields are located.

“From Alexandria south, growers are able to pull anywhere from 40 bushels per acre to the high 50’s,” says Spivey. “A fair amount of (sugar)cane growers in the far south have pulled anywhere from 60 to 70 bushels per acre. And in the northeast the yields have stayed  pretty stable—even after the recent bad weather—and have been getting anywhere from the mid-60’s to the low 70’s.”

Spivey also reports one issue that has cropped up again is high damage and lower test weights.

“But as far as yields they haven’t fallen off too much, so the direct yield is still there but the quality is what has been falling off,” according to Spivey.