More on the New Feral Hog Bait

feral pig.jpg

By Don Molino

The announcement by Dr. Mike Strain during his daily report on the Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Radio Network that the EPA has approved the use of KAPUT to control the feral hog populations has caused quite a lot of interest among farmers and ranchers.

“It’s a very, very low dose of the chemical to control feral pig populations,” said Strain. “In 2016, over 350,000 feral hogs were harvested in Louisiana but the populations continue to expand, causing a tremendous amount of damage as well as spreading disease.”

KAPUT is a corn type bait that requires the use of a pig feeder with a lid that weights at least eight pounds.

“For 4 to 6 weeks you use regular corn or soaked corn in the feeder until you get the whole herd using  the feeder,” Strain said, “Then you switch to KAPUT which  will then eradicate the entire sounder (or herd) because you have to get them all.”

One female can produce some 300 piglets over a two year period.  Each female will have a litter of 11 to 13 and she can reproduce twice a year.

“It’s one more tool we can utilize to help us fight this invasive species,” said Strain.