Soybean Losses Still in Question

by Don Molino

The massive flooding in south Louisiana last week hit as some soybean farmers were starting to harvest this year's crop.

But a lot of that has now come to a half because fields are either still covered with flood water or the fields are simply too wet to begin harvesting.

LSU AgCenter Soybean Specialist Dr. Ron Levy reports a lot of beans did go through some flooding and right now, some of them are still under water.

"It'll have a devastating impact on those that were flooded in south Louisiana," says Levy.

"We're still trying to come up with the number of affected areas," said Levy, "and as you know, a lot of roads are in areas that are inaccessible by automobile so right now we're still in the process of determining how many aces were affected."

Levy also pointed out as the flood waters move from some areas into some other areas that weren't previously flooded is also causing the final determination of damages to be slowed even more.

(This report a service of the Louisiana Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board)