Time for Harvest Aids in Beans

by Don Molino

LSU AgCenter soybean specialist Dr. Ronnie Levy reports from producers have already started harvesting this year's crop. And toward that end, Levy is recommending the use of harvest aids.

"When we talk about harvest aids, basically we're talking about taking out the green stems, leaves and other matter in the field," says Levy, "trying to make sure there is less material going through the harvester and it increases harvest efficiency."

"We're just trying to take out that green material after soybeans have reached maturity," Levy continues.

"There is a lot of green material, possibly some weds and other things in the field, and we can help by improving efficiency if we can take those out a little bit early."

If you have questions about when to apply harvest aids or which products to use, contact your local county agent and Levy says they will be glad to assist you with your harvest aid needs.

Levy also recommends the best time to apply harvest aids in Louisiana is when soybeans reach the R6.5 stage.

And be sure to follow all label directions for pre-harvest intervals.

(This report a service of the Louisiana Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board)