Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser Hosts Iceland Ocean Cluster

The Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and several partners in the seafood industry will be wrapping up a two day visit today by Dr. Thor Sigfusson of the Iceland Ocean Cluster today in New Orleans.

The Iceland Ocean Cluster is an incubator operation that develops businesses around innovation within the fishing industry and expanded uses for the catch. Thanks to their work, Iceland has doubled their seafood industry exports despite a 60% decrease in their overall catch by expanding into pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, fashion, and more.  

Seeing their success, Maine and Alaska have also begun work on creating this economic development opportunity for their seafood industry. Lt. Gov. Nungesser would like to explore the incubator's potential to expand economic opportunities for our seafood industry throughout Louisiana. 

Dr. Sigfusson's visit is an opportunity for stakeholders who could benefit from a Louisiana Seafood Innovation Cluster to come together to hear more about the Iceland Ocean Cluster's success and to share ideas for what this project could mean to Louisiana.