AgFax Southern Grain - Louisiana

by AgFax Media LLC


Southern corn rust was found this week in Seminole County, Georgia, on corn at the blister stage, according to a report from Bob Kemerait, University of Georgia plant pathologist. 

A hodge-podge of insect species are becoming more apparent in soybeans. The list includes three-cornered alfalfa hoppers, bollworms, bean leaf beetles and even thrips. Redbanded stink bugs are gaining a little more attention in north Louisiana. Overall, treatments have been limited.

Stink bugs are still bouncing around in corn in the lower South, and some applications have been going out.

Sugarcane aphid treatments have been made on what sounds like a limited basis in south Louisiana.

Wheat harvest could start in the middle to upper Midsouth as soon as it dries up. Some cutting already has gotten underway in central Alabama.

The weather remains mixed, although temperatures have significantly risen over the last week across the region. That's helping push growth after all the cool weather in May. Parts of the South have received too much rain over the last week. Storms have kept the upper Midsouth soaked, plus tropical storm Bonnie brought heavy amounts of rain to parts of the Carolinas and into Virginia. However, portions of the South clearly need rain and soon.

In areas where less rain has fallen, herbicides weren't activated, so pigweed is very much a concern.


Ashley Peters, Peters Crop Consulting, Crowville, Louisiana: "Corn is all over the board. Some started tasseling a couple of weeks ago, which was about the same time the last of the corn was being planted. The bulk of it, though, is either at pre-tassel or will be in the next few days. Hail beat up some corn a month ago and strong winds last week gave some corn a noticeable lean, although I don't think any broke off.

"Probably 90% to 95% of our soybeans have been planted. Some guys held off on more planting to wait for rain last Friday (5/27) and will start back as soon as it dries up again. If everything goes well, they'll finish this week."

Sebe Brown, Northeast Louisiana Region Extension Entomologist: "Sugarcane aphids continue to be reported in grain sorghum. I don't know of any treatments in this part of the state but a few guys have made applications in south Louisiana. We're finding corn earworms (CEW) in non-Bt sweet corn, so the numbers are starting to pick up. Growers with refuge corn should be aware that CEW are active."

Steve Schutz, Ind. Consultant, Coushatta, Louisiana: "Corn is tasseling or is a little past that in places. Beans range from just emerging to R3, and farmers are spot-replanting in places. Later this week I'll recheck 100 to 150 acres of soybeans where we've had a few bollworms and redbanded stink bugs.

"We're expecting more pigweed pressure. The pre herbicide played out on soybeans and every time we think we can jump in the field with another shot, it rains again. Some of these are LibertyLink beans, so they'll get 2 rounds of Liberty and then we'll hoe the survivors. One producer has been able to put out the first shot, so far."