AgFax Southern Grain - Louisiana

by AgFax Media LLC


Stink bugs are turning up in corn in parts of the Southeast.  An early and large bollworm moth flight is underway in Arkansas. Soybean rust has been confirmed in 3 counties in south Mississippi. 

Weather conditions have been mixed, although a warming trend has developed through much of the region after cold periods persisted in parts of the Southeast and Midsouth. Rain is needed on a wider basis this week, although heavy amounts fell early in the week in the upper Delta.

More corn is either at tassel or will be next week. A small amount of wheat harvest is underway in the lower Southeast.

Sugarcane aphids are easier to find now in grain sorghum in Louisiana.


David Kerns, Entomologist, Louisiana State University, Macon Ridge Research Station: "Corn looks good and beans are mostly still small. Sugarcane aphids (SCA) are beginning to show up in milo. Last year they started appearing more into June, so they're a little earlier this year. The milo, though, isn't necessarily early. Nothing is in boot. I haven't heard of anybody spraying yet but we need to scout for SCA. What we really need (as of 5/24) is a good rain. Some places have received less than a quarter-inch so far this month."

Gary Wolfe, La-Ark Agricultural Consulting, Ida, Louisiana: "I've swept soybeans in spots but nothing is showing up. That may seem a bit early to sweep, but by this time last year we already had run into some insect problems. This year I definitely want to be on the early side. Some corn in the area is tasseling just a little, although it's short. Considering all the rain and cool weather earlier, that's not surprising. It's dry right now (5/23) but the forecast carries a chance of rain. Last year we also started the season with excessive rain but then it stopped. I hope we're not in that same pattern now."