Seeds One of Biggest Expenses in Soybean Operations

by Don Molino 

LSU Extension Service Soybean Specialist Dr. Ron Levy at the Dean Lee Research Station just south of Alexandria is doing research into plant populations and the different seeding rates. Levy is hopeful his research will eventually reduce input costs.

"So if we reduce the seeding rate by 10% then that's a 10% saving," says Levy.

Seed is probably one of the most expensive parts of (a producers) operation, according to Levy.

"We're also looking at different levels of fertility and how that impacts the yields association with the nutrients that we're putting out," Levy pointed out.

There have been changes at the field level. "As we've reduced some of the emissions that contain sulphur in the atmosphere and we're starting to see sulphur deficiencies in a lot of soybean fields.

"So there are a lot of things out there that we're looking at to help producers be able to maintain stability or stay in production," says Levy.

(This report a service of the Louisiana Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board)