ASAP: Agricultural Safety Awareness Program Week - Youth Safety

Agricultural Safety Awareness Program week continues, with the focus today on youth safety on the farm.  

"We're just trying to make sure as a parent, that you're giving your kids age-appropriate tasks based on their age," said Wendell Miley, Safety Director for the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation.  "You don't want a six-year-old driving a farm tractor."

Miley said that many in agriculture may have grown up handling very big farm tasks at an early age, but with the size and power of today's modern farm equipment, we don't want to put our young people in a situation that could seriously injure, or possibly kill them.

"We're trying to make sure that we're putting the right aged kid in certain tasks that they can handle both mentally and physically," Miley added.  

Click here for a video on today's farm safety topic - Youth Safety