Commodity Classic: Vilsack - Cuba is a Market We Should Dominate

Story by Carey Martin & Avery Davidson

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack addressed farmers at the Commodity Classic in New Orleans this morning.  On the topic of opening the Cuban market for U.S. agricultural products, Vilsack told Classic attendees that it should be a dominant market for U.S. farmers.

"It's a market that we should dominate.  It's a market that's only 90 miles off our shore," said Vilsack.  "And there is a hunger and a willingness down in Cuba for a greater connection to American agriculture."

*Editor's note:  Our own Avery Davison will be accompanying Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham on an agricultural trade mission to Cuba on April 6th-9th.  He will be filing reports for the weekly television show "This Week in Louisiana Agriculture", the statewide "Louisiana Farm Bureau Agri-News Radio Network" and for us here at "".

Click here for full video of Vilsack's comments on Cuba