Commodity Classic: Vilsack Bids Farewell

Story by Carey Martin & Avery Davidson

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack delivered his final Commodity Classic address this morning in New Orleans.  In a very emotional speech, Vilsack conveyed his passion for the U.S. agricultural industry and his admiration for the American farmer.

"I know as I leave this job, that one the most underappreciated aspects of the strength and security of this country is the job that farmers have done throughout the history of this country," said Vilsack.  

"It was farmers who, for the most part, fought the revolution and led the revolution.  It was farmers who began to build an agricultural economy strong enough to allow cities to form and the economy to expand," he added.  "It was farmers who fed the folks who worked in the factories that built our manufacturing base.  And it was farmers who basically created the opportunity for every single person in this country who is not a farmer to dream about being something...a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a carpenter."

Click here for the full video of Vilsack's farewell comments