Strain Wraps Up Cuban Trade Talks in DC

by Don Molino


Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Mike Strain returned to Louisiana late Thursday night after spending several days in Washington for talks at the US Department of Agriculture and the White House on renewing trade with Cuba.

Strain said he met with Cuban trade officials, the Cuban Ambassador to the US as well as representatives from the State Department and Department of the Treasury as they try to determine how and when the US and Cuba can once again start trade between the two countries. 

The Commissioner was in Monroe Friday for a meeting of the Restore Louisiana Task Force.  That commission is charged with determining how to administer some $1.4 billion in federal flood relief monies for the flooding in both north and south Louisiana this past year.

During his daily radio address on the Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Radio Network, Strain also pointed out the US has filed a challenge with the World Trade Organization over China’s artificially high price supports for wheat, corn and rice. This is the second US challenge to Chinese ag policy in the past four months.