Give ‘Cane Trucks a Little More Time & Room

Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Mike Strain is urging motorists to give sugarcane trucks traveling from field to mills a little more room and be patient as they drive the rural roads of south Louisiana during harvest season.

cane loding.jpg

Strain says while the trucks are driven very carefully and are equipped with flashing lights sometimes during foggy conditions trucks and tractors are difficult to see, especially on rural roads.

The commissioner is also urging folks to use electricity wisely when putting up Christmas trees. “Indoor lights for indoors, outdoor lights for outdoors,” says Strain. “Read the label carefully and do not overload the circuit.”

And don’t forget to water your Christmas tree.  Strain suggests putting the tree in a container where water can be added easily.

At the same time, Strain urges shoppers to shop locally for all your Christmas products including stopping by your local Louisiana Christmas tree farm.