2016 Bean Harvest Just About Wrapped Up

by Don Molino

LSU Extension Service Soybean Specialist Dr. Ronnie Levy at the Dean Lee Research Station just south of Alexandria reports the 2016 soybean season is close to being finished for this year. 

"Most of the producers are through harvesting," says Levy, "but we still have a few that are out there. Some of the late beans (because of the wet conditions early in the season) are still (in the field). But all in all, most of the crop has been harvested."

Levy reports, though, damage to the 2016 crop also came from other areas.

"There were a lot of beans that were negatively impacted by the flooding (in August)," says Levy. "Some won't even be harvested. But a lot of the damage was because of insect pressure and diseases that were brought on by all the rain. Producers weren't able to get out and control these things when they needed to this year."

(This report is a service of the Louisiana Soybean and Grain Research and Promotion Board)