Iverstine Farms Butcher

September 22, 2017

Beef... it's what's for dinner, lunch, and maybe even breakfast too!  According to the U.S. Department of Agricultur, the average American ate just over 55 pounds of beef last year.  Galen Iverstin raises cattle on his farm in Kentwood, Louisiana and sells the meat directly to you at his butcher shop in Baton Rouge.  He also raises poultry and hogs and, as TWILA’s Karl Wigger shows us, that’s keeping Iverstine very busy!

Iverstine Family Farm & Butcher Shop

Fast Food Education

September 22, 2017

This week, a group of teachers got an education in "fast food" down in Gramercy, LA. The Fast Food Farm is a two-acre interactive and educational farm, where people can get a hands-on experience to learn how agriculture fits into their daily lives.  As TWILA’s Neil Melancon shows us, teachers from around the state got a chance to learn themselves and find some help in the classroom as well.

Planting to Grinding

September 22, 2017

Following a wet summer and Hurricane Harvey, many Louisiana sugarcane farmers were wondering if they would ever get their crop planted.  But, we’ve had lots of sunshine since August, and, as Craig Gautreaux shows us, farmers took advantage of the dry weather.

American Sugarcane League

Feasting on agriculture -- la provence

September 22, 2017

Louisiana rice is a key ingredient in a favorite Creole staple: boudin!  In this edition of Feasting on Agriculture, TWILA's AJ Sabine samples some fresh made boudin at La Provenc Restaurant in Lacombe, where high-end dining meets the rustic countryside for an unforgettable culinary experience!

La Provence Restaurant


Trending on TWILA -- TWILA Harvest

September 22, 2017

Cotton may be trending online for other reasons, but in this week's Trending on TWILA, we show you why cotton harvest is the most beautiful time of the year!  TWILA's Kristen Oaks-Whit & Avery Davidso also show us more TWILA Harvest posts.  Don't forget to submit your harvest photos and videos using #TWILAharvest for a chance to win a brand new YETI prize pack! And who doesn't want more YETI gear?!