Jack Dillard's "Voice of the Ark-La-Tex" - July 18, 2019

By Jack Dillard

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A care package arrived last week containing some “keeper” old magazines, two books and a most appreciated two page letter on yellow lined notebook paper.  All from Wynell and James Walker, Bienville, Louisiana, ardent readers of a column I wrote for the Shreveport Times from Thanksgiving 1959 until the last column was published December 30, 2018.  I enjoyed the column very much and the “readership” was most loyal. 

I have enjoyed all that the Walker’s wrote and especially the copy of a 1902 Sears Roebuck and Company Catalog #114, all one thousand plus pages.  Mrs. Walker said her grandfather ordered a full farm wagon from Sears and they delivered it to them on the train.  In my radio programs and speeches I often commented “I didn’t want to get rich, just be able to pay Sears off.”  What a boost in July to hear from listeners and readers….thanks Walkers.

The weather we all know about, and we were blessed in our part of the country with no adverse conditions.  Most folks have their second cutting of hay, have fertilized and needing about 2 inches of rain to get the next cutting on the way.  I do not know of anyone that carried any hay over from last year.

Chuck Griffin, Desoto Parish County Agent has made available the cool season pasture and forage crop varieties suggested by LSU.   We may plant a few acres of oats this year as some of the new varieties have been performing well.   That is about the earliest forage crop we can get to the cattle in this part of the state.  Of course, we will plant some ryegrass. Lots of cattlemen have ryegrass and most of us have bahia whether we want it or not.  Personally I don’t condemn bahia, but my stands of improved grasses never had the best management.  I plan on that good management, just don’t get it done.

“The Christian life is like riding a bicycle, you are either moving ahead or falling off.” Adrian Rogers

“Blind conformity wears shackles of fears; originally grows wings of confidence.”  William A. Ward

I noticed last Tuesday in a Texas Farm Bureau report that pet owners traveling with their pets out of state may need to have a health certificate.  When you live on a state line like I do, you cross the line many times some days.  I am sure this is a health precaution, but those who travel with pets might check it out farther.

It seems like our part of the state is always in football season or about ready to start on another year of contests.  I know of nothing that will bring a community together like a good sports team in the local high school.  Our school has had the privilege of winning two state championships, in 2014 and 2015.  The community is still enjoying the game and looking for another season like those.  Could be this year?

Hopefully we are in for a good pecan year. What a shame for our state to lose the USDA Pecan Station in Shreveport a number of years ago.  I am not very good at politics but agriculture really lost when the Pecan Station was closed.  If moisture will assist in making a pecan crop our area orchards should have a bumper one.

The weather service says that the Pacific Ocean is changing its water temperature and therefore we could have much dryer conditions beginning this fall.

The watermelons coming in are great.  I know that we all want to have things easier (no seeds), and I like the seedless melons, however we are raising a generation of kids that will not know the pleasure of spitting the seeds.  Do we still have the seed spitting contest at rural events?  Maybe not, or you might need a “permit” to spit seeds in some parishes.  Just kidding I hope.

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