What a Beautiful Country

by Dr. Bobby Soileau

Today we traveled south of Cape Town to view the peninsula. It was our one sightseeing day as a group. There were so many beautiful sites throughout our trip today. It will be best told through the wonderful pictures from Jim Monroe. But here are a few details.

We started at Table Mountain and the weather cooperated just enough to make the trip up the cable cars worth it. The city of Cape Town is surrounded by the picturesque mountains and coastline.

After Table Mountain we headed south to the Cape Point Lighthouse. That is the closest tourist point where the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans meet. Along the route we had many opportunities to stop and take pictures of the great landscape.

We later stopped at a quaint place called Simon’s Town where we saw the penguin colony. From elephants to penguins, we’ve seen just about everything imaginable.

On the ride back we began to see the vineyards where we will start our morning tomorrow. We will finish off the day with a seafood tour and our final dinner together in South Africa.

Two more nights and we are coming home.

Dr. Bobby Soileau is the Director of the LSU Ag Leadership Program