Why This Man Left His Stockbroker Job to Keep His Family's Tradition of Farming Alive

By Angeline Jane Bernabe, Good Morning America

From sunrise to sunset, many farmers work in the fields to help provide food for others to eat. While many may not think twice about where their food comes from, the farmers who gathered it, like the Lewis brothers, look at that food as a labor of love. "At three, four years old, I knew my place in this world," said Eddie Lewis III, who was raised on their family farm alongside his brothers, Hunter and Jordan Lewis. On their Lewis Farms near Lafayette, Louisiana, the brothers grow the commercial crop sugarcane.


Louisiana Students: How Three Minutes Can Change Your Life

By Deborah Willenborg, USA Rice

ARLINGTON, VA -- Three minutes of innovative storytelling about U.S.-grown rice is all it takes to earn money for college! If you're a high school graduating student from Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, or Texas, submit a three-minute video that creates awareness and promotes U.S.-grown rice, September National Rice Month, and the importance of rice to your state, for a chance to win this year's National Rice Month Scholarship.


AgCenter Agent's Lifelong Interest in Agriculture Leads to Career Helping Farmers

By Olivia McClure, LSU AgCenter

Growing up surrounded by farms in rural Concordia Parish, Matt Foster knew from an early age that he wanted to one day be part of the agriculture industry. “As a young child, I was always interested in agriculture,” he said. “I was obsessed with tractors.” Now, as an extension agent with the LSU AgCenter, Foster gets to spend a lot of time around tractors — and all things agriculture.


Louisiana Cattle Theft Suspect Faces More Charges in Texas

QUITMAN, Texas — A man previously accused of involvement in a Louisiana cattle theft ring has been indicted in Texas on charges he also stole cows from a rancher there. The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association said in a news release Monday that Texas authorities arrested Justin Glenn Thompson last week on an additional felony cattle theft charge.


Data Collection and Ownership in the Digital Ag Era

Maria Bampasidou and Thanos Gentimis, LSU AgCenter

Every year new technologies introduced in agriculture promise to assist in day-to-day farm operations. Farmers now have access to all kinds of sensors, drones and smart apps for digital devices as well as management software that allows them to monitor the whole farming cycle. One could say that we are in the digital agriculture era, the smart farm era or the era of big data.


American Sugar Policy: It Works!

By Jim Simon, American Sugar Cane League

The American sugar industry that was born in Louisiana in 1795 continues to this day to be a major economic driver for the Bayou State as well as the other sugarcane and sugarbeet growing states. But a new bill sponsored by the congressional legislators from Hershey, Pennsylvania and other candy-making states would destroy the American market if allowed to become law.


Soybean Farmers in SW Louisiana are Seeing Good Yields This Fall

By Eric Zernich, KATC-TV 3, Lafayette

The hot and dry September in Acadiana made for perfect conditions to harvest soybean this fall. According to Jeremy Hebert with the LSU Ag Extension Center he says that farmers in Acadia parish have cleared 90% of all soybean fields in the parish. Farmers that still have acres to plow should finish up by the end of this week.


Touring the US Cotton Supply Chain, from Seed to Jeans

By Arthur Friedman, Sourcing Journal

On farms like Hardwick Planting Company in Newellton, La., modern farming methods range from engineered seeds like BASF’s Fibermax and Stoneville allow for traceability and more sustainable crops, to highly efficient planting and cultivating machinery and field management, all of which allow farmers to grow bountiful and competitive crops.


Louisiana Soybean Harvest Speeds Along, Yields Disappointing

“The soybean harvest continued with disappointing yields, a result of extended period of saturated soils during the growing season. Sugarcane harvest was underway with some lower than expected yields. Dry conditions allowed for some land preparation for next year. Crawfish ponds will go under flood in the coming weeks. Cattle producer prepped pastures for winter plantings and wound down the hay baling with an abundance of hay available.”